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Phillips Workplace Interiors understands that productivity is directly correlated to the space in which you work. To make your business efficient, your employees need the tools and furniture applications to meet, collaborate, focus, communicate, and live. With great spaces come great companies. Let us help you decipher your company’s workspace needs, and the solutions that make it succeed.

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the creative shift


The shift has happened. We all saw change coming. Then suddenly it’s upon us and work is something fundamentally different. Today, we face problems too big, too complex to solve with yesterday’s ideas. The demand and desire for creativity at work is stronger than ever before.

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Modular Carpet Application Ideas

If you’re not already sold on the amazing capabilities of modular carpet, I highly suggest you check out our blog, Is Modular Carpet Right for Me? For those who are ready to take the dive into transposable flooring systems, here are some clever applications you can use to improve your workplace. Create a path. Flooring…

Is Modular Carpet Right for Me?

I believe it was The Big Lebowski that said it best, “That rug really tied the room together.” Words of wisdom, really. Room design extends further than the scope of your furniture. It’s the walls, lighting, architecture, AND flooring. Now, when asking yourself “Is modular carpet right for me?” The answer is, YES! Here are…

Uncorporate: The Future of the Workplace

Start-up, foundation, entrepreneurship, small business…these are words we recognize when thinking about the trendy, innovative-focused businesses that don’t encompass a completely traditional business model. How about uncorporation? Does that word mean anything to you? … The post Uncorporate: The Future of the Workplace appeared first on Phillips Office Solutions. Related posts: Hope Roadcap Returns to…