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Phillips Workplace Interiors understands that productivity is directly correlated to the space in which you work. To make your business efficient, your employees need the tools and furniture applications to meet, collaborate, focus, communicate, and live. With great spaces come great companies. Let us help you decipher your company’s workspace needs, and the solutions that make it succeed.

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the creative shift


The shift has happened. We all saw change coming. Then suddenly it’s upon us and work is something fundamentally different. Today, we face problems too big, too complex to solve with yesterday’s ideas. The demand and desire for creativity at work is stronger than ever before.

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Apply for a Steelcase Education Active Learning Center Grant

Steelcase.com/ActiveLearningCenter Calling all innovative educators and educational institutions: Steelcase Education seeks partners in active learning ready to use their physical classroom to advance learning in new and important ways. We have a strong passion for understanding how learning takes place and how smarter, more active learning spaces can help. At Steelcase Education, we help schools,…

It is time to stand up for your health

The Problem If you are one of the millions of Americans that spend 8+ hours a day sitting and staring at computer screen, it is time for a change. Sitting all day has been proven to have many ill effects on the human body including: Increased Risk of Heart Disease: Sitting for long periods slows…

When to Choose Hard or Soft Casters for your Office Chair

A very important factor to consider when purchasing an office chair that often gets overlooked is whether your chair will be used on a carpeted floor or on a hard surface floor such as wood, laminate, tile or vinyl. Today’s office chairs come with many options, arms or no arms, standard lumbar or adjustable lumbar, and even…