If your company has become a rotating door of employees, and you have run out of ideas on how to improve morale, take a step back and look at your office. Your employees are going to spend a significant amount of their lives in your building. Why not start with making your office a great place to be?

All the incentives you give your employees are not going to help if they immediately feel depressed when they sit down at their desks. Here are a few ways you can get started in increasing morale with simple changes to your office space.

Use glass. Why are you blocking all the natural sunlight in your office with gray panels? Using glass spreads the sunlight throughout the office, which has been proven to make your employees more productive and happier. Another tip is to look around your office and make sure all the objects blocking the windows cannot be moved somewhere else instead of blocking the sun.


Color is the new gray. As much as all of us love coming to work and seeing gray everywhere around the office, there needs to be color. Instead of painting all the walls the same color, use your company’s branding to come up with accent walls throughout the office. If you don’t want to change your wall colors, try buying furniture with some color to it.


Bring the fresh air inside. Companies with real plants around the office have been proven to have less sick days used. This is because plants are natural air purifiers and help to decrease floating bacteria in the office. Plants like Areca Palms are also great natural humidifiers so that it won’t feel as dry at work.


Do a lighting analysis. It is as simple as looking up at the ceiling and noticing that 75% of your bulbs are blown, and another 10% are flickering. Figure out the right wattage for your building and replace them all so that each one is the same brightness and none are flickering. This will make the office more welcoming to your customers and employees.


Create a wall for achievements. One of the top reasons employees have a bad taste for a company is that they don’t feel as if they are appreciated enough. Create a wall where supervisors, or coworkers, can post about how great other people are doing. You can do this with a chalkboard wall, whiteboard, and corkboard or add a screen where people can upload slides.


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