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Phillips Workplace Interiors understands that productivity is directly correlated to the space in which you work. To make your business efficient, your employees need the tools and furniture applications to meet, collaborate, focus, communicate, and live. With great spaces come great companies. Let us help you decipher your company’s workspace needs, and the solutions that make it succeed.


Reinventing How Healthcare Learning Happens

Lakeland Community College invests in new building to design around students’ needs “We made the decision to invest fully.” MORRIS BEVERAGE Ph.D., Lakeland Community College president When opportunity knocks, you answer. So, when Lakeland Community College in northeast Ohio recognized a major shift in student interest toward healthcare, they opened the door. By 2016 nearly…

Steelcase, Sprint + Ericsson Explore 5G, IoT at Work

Industry leaders work together to discover how 5G and IoT will help transform the workplace and manufacturing. 5G (Fifth Generation) and IoT (Internet of Things) are expected to dramatically impact every aspect of our lives. As commercial 5G networks are progressively being rolled out this year, these technologies are changing the smart + connected workplace and our…

Six Education + Work Trends from Generation iGen

The first generation to never live without tech at their fingertips is shifting the landscapes of education and work. Can you imagine growing up with modern technology since the day you were born? iGen can. Born between 1995–2012, iGen is the first generation to never experience a world without universal access to the internet and…