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Phillips Workplace Interiors understands that productivity is directly correlated to the space in which you work. To make your business efficient, your employees need the tools and furniture applications to meet, collaborate, focus, communicate, and live. With great spaces come great companies. Let us help you decipher your company’s workspace needs, and the solutions that make it succeed.


Workplace Technology
4 Modern Trends Changing The Way We Work

State of Work: Blur the Edges Smart devices let us work anywhere. The cloud keeps information with us wherever we go. And, mobile work policies allow more and more people to choose where they want to work by changing the way we work. But, there’s a tension bubbling up within organizations. A recent NPR report says employers…

Talent Thursday

Phillips Workplace Interiors Talent Thursday What is your role at Phillips Workplace Interiors and what do your tasks include? New Business Development & Marketing. Who inspires you? My family.  They inspire me to be a better husband, father, and person every day. If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would…

Phillips Workplace Interiors
Make Your Office Less Spooky

Lessons we learned as kids on Halloween can translate to a better place to work. Skip the tiny bite-size hard candies and embrace the full size candy bar. That is to say, our lives are about finding delight all around us. On Halloween, that might mean the house that hands out the best candy. At…