Government Furniture

Phillips Workplace Interiors understands that government furnishing decisions are dependent on supporting contracts. Today, shrinking footprints and optimizing space is necessary for all government institutions. We can offer solutions that not only achieve these goals but also aid in more efficient and productive working environments. With great spaces come great results. We hold contracts in the Commonwealth of PA with:

  • GSA
  • CoStars
  • State
  • E&I
  • Novations
  • Amerinet

Here is a sample of the work applications Phillips Workplace Interiors can assist you with:

  • Work Stations/Teaming Stations
  • Private Offices
  • Panel Systems
  • Conference Rooms
  • Multi-purpose/Training Settings
  • Cafeterias & Common Areas
  • Reception & Waiting Areas
  • Integrated Technology
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Privacy Areas
  • Room Division
  • Flex or Shared Space
  • Storage Solutions