Phillips Workplace Interiors believes that a properly designed healthcare environment can encourage the healing process. Office furniture has come a long way in adapting to the way in which patients, families, and medical professionals interact within healthcare settings. Safety, comfort, cleanliness, healing, waiting, and transitions are a few of the applications our experts are ready to address in your facility. With great space comes a great ability to care.

We understand that there are more to healthcare environments than doctors’ offices. Therefore, Phillips Workplace Interiors provides solutions for:

  • Patient Rooms & Outpatient
  • Doctor & Nurses Stations
  • Exam Rooms
  • Private & Administrative Offices
  • Specialty Applications (i.e.: MRI safe furniture)
  • Reception & Waiting
  • Bariatric Solutions
  • Consultation Areas
  • Staff Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Storage Areas
  • Cafeterias