Lessons we learned as kids on Halloween can translate to a better place to work.

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Skip the tiny bite-size hard candies and embrace the full size candy bar. That is to say, our lives are about finding delight all around us. On Halloween, that might mean the house that hands out the best candy. At work, it means a place we can feel at ease and comfortable, where we can connect with our friends and colleagues and get our best work done.

Giving people and teams access to the worktools and spaces they need to do great work is a little like equipping a kid to maximize their trick-or-treating experience. The kid with the big bucket, great costume, flashlight and friends to help them navigate are more likely to last longer, be the most productive and have the most fun. Likewise, at work, our ability to find social spaces, places to rejuvenate and the tools and technologies we need will help us make the most of our day.

Here’s five things we can learn from our nights collecting candy that can help us bring more joy to the office.


Phillips Workplace Interiors

Erase dim, dreary and dark corners by creating a multi-faceted lighting plan. Lighting can be both purposeful and artistic. It can create a sense of intimacy around which teams can gather. A well-placed lamp can provide cues to people on-the-go about where they can find productive spots for impromptu conversations. In addition, embrace areas with natural light and create social spaces around them for everyone to enjoy. (Shown here: FLOS Aim Multipoint Pendant)


Zombie Stiffness

Intense work can leave us with a stiff back — feeling more like a zombie than somebody who’s ready to take on tough problems. Many chairs today haven’t kept up with the new ways we work making it more important than ever to find a hardworking, versatile chair that prioritizes ergonomic comfort. (Shown here: Amia Air which includes a specifically engineered geometric design in the backrest that offers flexibility — encouraging healthy movement and providing support for posture changes.)


Between your stop for coffee with a colleague, an impromptu hallway conversation and a group ideation session, your computer has given up the ghost. Your search for power can pull you away from the exact people who you need to get your work done. Integrated power solutions should be ultra thin, ultra simple and ultra fast. Power should be as easy to find in open spaces and cafés as it is in a meeting room or at a workstation. You should never have to worry about your computer dying on you when you want to get work done. (Shown here: Thread)


Steelcase Halloween

Licorice, suckers, chocolate… one type of candy does not satisfy every trick-or-treater. The best houses offer kids a choice. Work is no different. Some people prefer to re-energize in social spaces. Others seek out quiet spots for focus or rejuvenation. Depending on the person, the type of work they’re doing and even the hour of the day, people need access to a variety of spaces to give them choice and control over where they work.


Two are always better than one. What makes up a great trick-or-treating night? A friend, of course. Friends help us have fun and complement us (like Batman and Superman costumes). Plus, they know stuff we don’t — like who is handing out full size candy bars. The same is true at work. Steelcase partners with forward-thinking companies to create great places where people thrive and ideas flourish. These collaborations let Steelcase offer easy access to a broad range of solutions and contribute to continuous learning. (Shown here: Steelcase Partners FLOS IC floor lamps, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Kennedy Sofa, Major Chair, Bassey Media Console, and Blu Dot Coco Table)

So, while you probably haven’t trick-or-treated since middle school, you can still harken back to those lessons learned in order to make your workplace less spooky.

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